Debbie Elaine Hawkins is known as a Seed Planter, Preacher, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Mother.  Elder Debbie was a Project Manager with American Computer Technology in Decatur, Georgia. 

She was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas and graduated from Hebert High School and continued to further her education at Lamar University, in pursuit of a Business Administration Degree.  In December 1999, was licensed to preach the word of God and ordained in 1999.

Elder Debbie is well seasoned in kingdom business.  She serves as Minister of Administration of Ministries, teaches and train ministers in training (MIT) and deacon and deaconess in training (DIT). .

She is the founder and CEO of Debbie E. Hawkins Ministries, “DHM” a ministry to transform the lifestyle of individuals by ministering and demonstrating God’s Word as a living testament.  Listed below are a few entities that have been birthed out of Debbie Hawkins Ministries:

  • DoveHaven, Inc.  (In the Name of Christ) has been organized to minister to First Ladies just where they are:  It is a sanctuary for release and a safe place for restoration, encouragement and bonding.
  • Transferring Wealth to Teens (TWT) has been organized to minister to teens between the ages of 13 and 19 on the subjects of Dating, Communication, Sex, Goals and Values.
  • Transferring Wealth to College Students (TWC) has been organized to minister to college students in the area of Personal and Family History, Finances, Priorities, Career Plans and Employment.
  • Call to the Altar (CTA) was created as an intimate fellowship for Female Spouses of Clergymen to come together on one accord and identify through confidential discussions the targeted areas clergymen are most likely to be attacked in.  This corporate gathering of First Ladies has been designed for us to intercede on behalf of our Husbands, Pastors, and Bishops.   This intense prayer is held at the altar in a private sanctuary.
  • Transforming Health and Wellness (THW) has been organized from Elder Debbie’s heart to promote a healthy body.  She is a strong advocate on Hygiene, Eating Habits, Exercise, Water Intake and Proper Rest.  Elder Debbie has asked herself the question “How can I give life even after God brings me home to have eternal life?” and the Holy Spirit prompted her to become an organ donor so that she can help someone else have life while they are here on this earth.  She also gives back to the community on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. by leading an educational exercise class.

Elder Debbie plays an active role in Ministerial Training.

Elder Debbie released her first “Back to the Basics” Health and Fitness exercise DVD.  It promises to strengthen and condition the mind, body, and spirit by using an approach that is fundamentally designed to improve the body using straightforward physical activity.  She is also the author of two dynamic books that is a must for every woman to apply to their lives; don’t be fooled by their titles because: Every woman is a First Lady in her own perspective. 

Elder Debbie is the proud parent of two beautiful daughters, Elaina and Ashley, and two handsome sons, Gary Jr. and Kalen.  She is an advocate for “Mom’s Participation” in the lives of her sons and daughters as well as other children.  A Strong Woman of God, Elder Debbie has been blessed to give from her heart and not to receive, but to reap the reward of witnessing to those she teach in reaching their goals as they become victorious in the word of God.

  • Licensed to Preach on December 31, 1999.
  • Certificate of Ordination on December 31, 1999.
  • “Woman of Distinction” award in April 2004.
  • May 6, 2004 presented Honorary key to the city of Baker, LA and proclaimed Honorary Mayor for the day.
  • June 6, 2004 was inducted into the Stone Mountain –Lithonia national Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc.
  • February 20, 2005 was presented the Sisters In The Spirit Award by: Juanita Bynum, Yolanda Adams, Martha Munizzi, Sheila E., Rizen and Kelly Price.
  • November 20, 2005 was presented The Phenomenal Woman of The Year Award, sponsored by Praise 97.5 FM Atlanta, GA.
  • Featured in The Lily Journal sharing with people around the world “Next Level Health and Fitness”.
  • March/April 2007, Gospel Today Magazine featured an article on her testimony of the Head-On Collision and Miracle from her accident on December 10, 2006.
  • On June 27, 2007, was certified as a Group Exercise Certified Instructor under the SCW Fitness Education Program.
  • On June 28, 2007 was certified as a Personal Trainer under the SCW Fitness Education Program.
  • Certified in CPR.


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